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yayayayayayayayayayay readers!!!!

I got a call from the UK today. My good friend Steve...LR...called me today and we spentabout ten or so minutes on the phone. I was sooo happy and I screamed. The problem was, I was also doing so many things at once and there was a real bad delay on the phone. Oh well, I loved it!! I told him about my boredom...I was and am still soooo bored. The trams don't run and I can't go any where and I'm restless as hell!!! But I'm glad he called!!! My UK pal!!! Yea!!! LOL....he's been a fantastic friend as has someone elseI know from that area. LOL

OK I think I'm done now, I just had to post that in here....Stevie D!!! Yayayayayayayayayayayayaynessnessness!!!!

The Phoenix
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