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Wahoo!! I actually got these papers started!!

Anyway I'm taking a break, as I so often do. I slept in till noon today and think I got too much sleep. I feel all this energy around me and I'm loving it because it's making me feel sooo happy and lighthearted. It's sooo cool. OK sorry guys, but this is sort of stream of consciousness right now, because not only is this energy making me happy, it's making me restless, I can't stay focused on anything homework related for longer than half an hour at the most, then I have to get up, move or do something. I'm liking this, nothing else.

I have at least one page done of this florida paper and the wicca paper's a little further along, but I still have to do research now on the Christian side of things. I am gunna have to sit down and paragraph things, make sure the formatting's right and all that. I'd like to get these done by early next week so I can take them to the writing lab and get them looked at.
Anyway i just started singing for the hell of it today just bursted out into a couple of show tunes. I'd forgotten about them till they just came out. I loved it!! OK, so I'm all over today, but I guess it's part of being way too hyper and no caffine what soever. I'm soooo....spaced I guess. I'm like wanting to go somewhere, but no one is here to take me and I don't think the trams run Saturdays. I could be wrong though. I may walk down there, just to get some exercise and walk off some of this. I guess I'll stop for now...though I feel like I could go on like this forever.

The phoenix
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