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busted trip

THis sucks!!!

OK all you readers. Second solo trip was a bust. I wante to go to the pub on campus by way of the tram service, right? Right. So I went down to where they were supposed to pick people up, and waited, wateed, waited. It was after seven when I finaly figured the hell with it, and went back to the dorm.

It wasn't a completely wasted trip, though. I finally got to comune a little with the nature I so cherish. Birds in the distance, mockingbirds, mostly, but I swear I heard a quail!! "bobwite," Clear as day!! That just about shoked me. Tree music's never the same twice ad the wind is sooo full of interesting sounds if you listen hard enough. people's voices, the birdsong, the trees, I could even hear the chimes all the way from main campus carried on it. That's how I knew it was after seven. I had the urg,e and I should've done it, but I didn't know then that the tram wasn't gunna come, to take of my sandalls and stand in the grass. Just stand there....and stand get the point. I'm sooo ready now to do just about anything. I should've done the tuning into nature thing long time ago!!! I love the feeling it brings!!!

Oh yeah and my Sally Oldfield CD came in. Yay!! Noaw though I have to wait till Sunday when my Mom brings it down because there is absolutely no way I'll get to B&N when it's like half an hour out from here. Oh well at least it'll be here day after tomorrow. Yea!!

Anyway I guess that's it for now and I'll write again when I get the chance.
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