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woooooooooot!!!! Woot, woot, woot!!!!!

OK readers,

A little bit of background before I get itto todays overcome of obstacles. I have been working with a mobility teacher to get around campus for quite sometime now. for the fun stuff.

I took the tram out to my favorite restaurant on campus...and took it back!!! Woooooooot, wooot, wooooot, wooot!!! OK, so Someone found me and helped me once I got of the tram to the restaurant, and someone helped me back to the tram...but I still did most of the hard work!!!!! I'm like imcredibly happy right now!!!

I had also forgotten to telly you guys that on Tuesday I accidentally left my Braille Lite in someone's care!! At first I didn't know if I had or not and I was like panicking bad!! Then I thought throughit, and I figured it was the only place it could be.
I was soooo pissed, though!! That thing is like my alarm clock in the morning and stuff. SO I was having to use certain friends of mine for wake up calls. LOL Actually most of them volunteered, so that was cool.

I got it back today, thank God!! Two days without something really makes you appreciate it, let me tell you!!!

Anyway I'm still flying high on the good trip energy. SO I guess I'd better stop writing before I burst out in to woots again. LOL

whwhwhwhwooooot!!! LOL *grins*

The Phoenix Proud as a peacock!!!
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