The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

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I found it!!! woot!!

OK you readers out there...I actually have some good news!!!

I have been looking all over for samples from Elaine silvers Faerie goddess....and I found them!!! Yay!!!! I may have to set up an account on tower records just for this one CD!!! Everytthing on there I heard, I like. It's like soooo awesome!!!

OK, I'm done now. woooooot, woooot, wooot!!!

If anyone wants to burn me a copy...and post it? LOL Nah, I'll just go ahead and by it, It'll be faster in the long run. I didn't know she had a web site, though. I'll have to check this out. LOL I'm like back on cloud nine now!!!!

The Phoenix *soaring the currents and singing loudly!*
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