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Yes, yes, yes!!!

In the past week I have written at least two pages in one of my stories and one poem. I am....writing again! After having at least four or five months of little to no creative juice flow, this is something I am extremely excited about, despite the fact that I am missing my best friend, and my second mother. Writing...I am writing again!

In other news, I don't know who caught the telethon on NBC last night, but I didn't. I did not know you could watch it on the internet, therefore I did not catch it. However, thanks to rnb_capricorn I was able to find out what Kanye said. I'm with her. Since I didn't see it, I do not know what was cut, but I do know that what was seen on the west coast was not what was seen here. At one point he said "President Bush doesn't care about blak people." This part, at least, was cut when the concert was reheired on the west coast. This pisses me off to no end. NBC did make a comment to cover themselves, but they still cut that part out of the broadcast because they were on a tape delay. What has happened to free speech? I agree with her that that may not have been the right time or the right place for that comment, however, NBC could have put a disclaimer saying something about how the artist's views don't necessarily match those of the station. But to cut this out, That just annoys the hell out of me. To me, that's like cutting out someone's right to free speech, which is what this country is supposed to be famous for.

This is pasted straight from rnb_capricorn's journal. I hope she doesn't mind but...
"Today my mother informed me that Kanye had lost her and she didn't care if he ever made another dime because he, "made an ass of himself." When my dad returned
home from work he informed me in a voice that was undeniably trying to get me rialed up that NBC was "pissed at Mr. West." I calmly told him that I had
read it. Mom and Dad proceeded to discuss how they would stop buying his records until and/or unless he appologized, which Mom thinks will never happen.
She's probably right. As they're talking I am thanking God Kanye's album came out last Tuesday, or it sounds like I'd be up shit's creek on getting Mom
to buy it for me. It would be up to my internet skills I suppose if I wanted it. Oh well, things didn't work out that way."

I disagree with the "I will never buy another record" thing. OK, so maybe he did make an ass of himself, but that doesn't mean I will stop supporting him. He has opinions just like the rest of us, and to stop supporting an artist because he expressed one is just crazy. I can see maybe if an artist was mean spirited, but this...well, is a little different. This same parent compared this to the girl from the Dixie Chicks. Not! Kanye was here, there's no denying he said this. The girl did her mess in England, and the only way we heard it was word of mouth. So...yeah. As rnb_capricorn said, there are probably some people who will disagree, and I can deal with that.

I have two others who have the same opinion as rnb_capricorn and I, and those are my friend in Milwaukee and her mother. The friend in Milwaukee even said the President Bush flew over the affected areas and told the people how sorry he was for them. If you feel so sorry for them! I know we can do stuff to help, too, but it just seems like the government is taking too damn long to send their own aid in there.

OK I'm done with contraversy for now. I am that's something I can do for a while. I should be reading some homework, but since I have most of the day left, writing for a few hours won't do much to dent the time I have for reading. I don't have any papers due yet, which is a first, so wright now, my pleasure writing has taken an upswing. I kind of wish I had someone to knock around the dorm with, but at the moment, that isn't happening.

The Phoenix
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