The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

sick, sick...yucky sickie!!

Right before I went to roleplay, my right nostril got all stuffed up. During roleplay there was someone who had cold infection. Not that that matters, I think I would have gotten it still anyway. This was Saturday night into Sunday. I woke up Sunday with nasty headcold that makes nose run like faucit. I've been blowing ever since as I have absolutely nothing to take for said nasty cold infection. I seriously hope I don't have a fever as my mobility instructor is coming over today at one o'clock and I have Marine Systems at two which means that the laptop is being transported to Adaptive services office at about eleven thirty so I can get it there and eat before one o'clock. If this doesn't work...well we'll just see how it goes.

I am definitely bringing my abuterol today as I have this sneaking suspicion that asthma and colds don't really get along that well. Thank the gods mine's really really mild asthma. The most I had to take inhaler was up in Daytona when I was around four and five smokers and the smoke hung in the air like a cloud. Yuck! This was cigarette smoke, mind.

Ijust hope I can survive class, it is from 2/4:15 after all. Thank the goddess it's the only class I have today. I do have to do my online course, but that can wait until tomorrow or something.

The Phoenix
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