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I'm back!!! i'm finally free!!!!

All right you readers out there,
The phoenix has returned and is finally free!!! This little bird can finly spread her greaat wings without fearing they wil come up agaist cage walls.

I'm on thecampus ofFlorida Gulf Coast University in an apartment like dorm. I share it with three other girls and they're really cool. Crazy, weird and nutty...describe the lot.LOL No seriously, though they are really cool and really helpful. THey've really made mefeel at home and that does mean a lot since this already feels more like home than my actual house ever did.
Anyway I have my own room where my computer and shit is and I'm all moved inwhich makes it easier to do some things. I spent two days without internet which sucked because I kinda wanted to spend these first few days doing research for some of the stories i'm writing. zOh well, I've got a hell of a lot of time to do that, so I'm not all that worried.

Classes do start tommorrow, so I will probably go to bed kinda early because I'v gotta be up early. Nine o'colck's my first class of the semester and my only class on Mondays. I have a mobility lesson, but that shouldn't take more than an hour or so. Rest of the day's free.

Well guess that's it for the update, byut I really am loving it here!!! I can't believe I'm finally out of the house!! LOL See yalls again soon
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