The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

FGCU closed and other things.

Well since the tropical storm has turned cat 1, they have closed FGCU for the time being.

I had thought about going to the dean for a certain situation, but the more I think about it, the more useless it seems for me to do it. I think I may try the laptop thing instead, though how I am going to get this thing off and on the shuddle will be interesting.I may have to call someone or do something to find an easier way to get it on campus. I swear to the gods, though that if I have to take any sort of pain killer after the first week I will not be doing that anymore.

I have a serious amount of reading to do this weekend, but I think I may have to prioritize it to some extent. Anthropology will probably be the one I do last as that class isn't until Wednesday and Marine Systems and my online course are going to take precedence for the time being. I have some statistics notes that I will have to scan, I just hope it works. I also think my comp needs another defrag as it is being slow as hell even on the network. Ever since I downloaded this stupid win fixer program I've had nothing but small inconveniences that haven't done anything but make me frustrated.

Mom is coming down tomorrow and will be bringing things with her that I'd left at home, some of which I still need to write down so I can tell her. It'll be nice to see her again after this first week of fiascoes and things. Other than that little situation, though the week really hasn't been that bad except for the major switch ups in instructors at the last minute making nearly all of my accommodation sheets falsely named.

I did go over to weepingangel's apartment in Coastal village last night where we had Spaghetti and Macaroni and Chees. I have also found a Live Action Play group which is using...a White Wolf published game. The Vampire one. Someone who was a member helped me create a character and I may be starting play tomorrow. I'm extremely excited about actually being able to play, really play. At this point I don't care if it's not D& least I'm playing. I'm beginning to think things are looking up for a change around here. I'm finding out who I am, finally, I'm finding out that my beliefs are my own despite what I grew up under, and I'm finding an outlet in LAP that I've wanted for... quite some time. I can actually leave the world of online play and ... really play. It's not that I don't enjoy online games, it's more that I haven't found any that I can access from the college network, and the ones that I can access take a bit more time than I would like them too.

In any case, the very basics of my character is
Name: Adela
Vampire: Deva
Concept: Patron of the arts

The rest of the stuff I can't remember because I can't remember where I put all my spendable experience points. I'm not a member yet, so I haven't got the fifty exp that comes with the membership.

With that bit of exciting news, I suppose I should get some breakfast and start my day. It's still quite a bit windy outside, and I still need to write out the list that I will dictate to Mom over the phone. Plus the reading I would like to get done. It will be a rather busy day for me, I think.

The Phoenix
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