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It never fails...

I didn't think this would happen the night before I left, but packing has brought back some feelings I thought I had gotten rid of. Mainly feeling lonely. I feel like I've lost touch with some of the most important people in my life thes past two to three weeks. Not that I have, necessarily, but without some people calling almost every day it just seems a lot more quiet and a lot more lonely. One of my friends went to Pensylvania for a couple of weeks, and then as soon as they come back home, they're going out to Canada for a bit. I probably wont be talking regularly with them for a long time. SOme of my other friends, like on in Texas, seem to think that because I'm not online, I'm angry with them, which is not the case. I'm supposed to be this really good friend, but at this moment, I feel as if I've let a lot of others down in some way or other. I'm also having a small issue with outlook, which is not helping matters any. Neither is my mother who insists on overseeing my packing. saying I would do this or that. Make sure to bring this or that. Make outfits out of this or that. It is driving me nuts!! The one thing I agree with her on is that everything should be packed tonight so that we can just put everything iin the car and go. I'm extremely tired, however, and may end up doing something really stupid, like go to bed right now so that I can sleep like a rock. It's been raining for the last few days, and wat's so extremely odd is that I haven't been in all that much pain.

So yeah, there's my ramblings for the night. Have a good two weeks all if I don't get a chance to say hi or something like that.

The Phoenix
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