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I leave tomorrow...

Tomorrow's the big Dayltona day for me so of course I'm packing like crazy. I have gotten my bills done, packed some music and am about to start on close. I just hope to the gods I can pack everything I want to. It'll be nice to have my own room where I can be myself. Not that I can't here, but it's a lot easier knowing that you won't be barged in on. I will be able to update, and I will be passing some of my writings to my PAC Mate so I can work on them while I am there. Hwever, since there is not net access in my room, I will not be vringing the laptop. It will be staying here. Which means who knows when I will be updating this thing. Hopefully at least once or twice a week. Books have been passing me like water thes past days, but now that I have something else to focus on, I am afraid tht my reading may be nonexistent for the next two weeks. So now that I'm done rambling, I suppose I had better start clothes packing.

The Phoenix
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