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Still alive.

I'm not even going tpo pretend I've been doing anything except for burying my nose in books.

Mom's home, dat found a new job as a head custodian for Calusa Middle school, my Daytona tryp's been moved back to July tenth, whicyh oddly enough made me angry when I found about it on Thursday, but now doesn't bother much, and I'v just been being lazy.

Mom and I went to Flea masters yesterday and I picked up some new piano music. I'm also finding out that all my finances will be pouring into Firebird arts for a while as the Filk market picks up it's newest die hard fan. BTW calya If you want Patrick Ball, there's where You need to go, if you don't know already...his stuff is plasterd all over the Celtic music page. Even just going to music will take you to his stuff.

I have also found that that they have character dolls..,..mmmmmm!!! Now there's something for me to get my hands on. Especially since they have one of Vanyel....mmmm!!! and Durk and Talia.....oh my good and great gods!!! TO get even a sense of what they look like makes me shiver all over in antisipatory pleasure. This is like you sighted folks being handed an art print or a picture. Dolls are really the *only* way for me to get a really good look at what they look like. This is out of pure joy to finally find out what some of my favorite characters look like than wanting displays. Gods....mmmmm!!!

I am also finding out that the music that I have been waiting for just enhances the books....gods!!!I am seriously going to have to do a mass save up and buy out the entire collection.

In any case I am don with the mage Winds trilogy and about to head straight for the mage Storms. It's too bad I don't have the owl trilogy on the comp and the cassette copies are on their way back to my state library. This is when I sincerely wish these books were commercially available on audio. I would snap them up so fast that even the gryphons would be left gazing in wonder.

SO yeah, between bouts of thinking, I've been reading for the past week and even that didn't stop me from realizing that Sarena lost a couple of days ago. I've yet to find out today's victors but that will come shortly, I do think.

sorry for messenger absence, I just haven't been up to much conversing lately, with anyone. I value every one here, never ever forget that. I'll be writing more as more interesting things happen, but at the moment, other than reading, my life has been rather uneventful. Hell, I haven't even written lately which is odd. Not that odd and half formed story ideas haven't come and gone, I just haven't feel the need to jot them down. In any case, I suppose I've done enough babling for the day. Good night to all my phoenix fans and take care of each other.

The Phoenix
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