The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

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I hate finger scrapes, like seriously.

My dad said it would take three days for this not to hurt anymore and the tird day cn't come soone enouth for me. It still hurts to type, so I doubt I'll be on MSN or AIM. Sorry yall.

Ge glove thing works to some extent, but the only gloves I could find are thosecheap ass latex things and after a while they have adverse affect because they keep the moisture in. Which means after about half an hour I have to get rid of it because it's no longer dry inside there. I want this to go away. OK I know I sond a bit whiny here, but when it hurts like hell twenty-four seven...which is wh t it seems like right now...

Not much else has been going on except for phone convos and things. I had a really nice long one yesterday which made mee feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Tennis is still going on, so I suppose I should keep an eye on that. But other than that, not much excitement until tonight.

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