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this makes me want to puke, and puke badly!!!

OK people be prepared to get very, very, very pissed, or triggered, or both. Sorry if this triggers, but this has got to be done. Problem is is I don't know the server location, otherwise I'd report it. I don't know how to find that information either. SO if one of you geeks out there could help me I'd appreciat it muchly. This is just not!

If you are a woman, or a man who loves or cares about women, please report rapists_unite
to lj abuse
I can't believe this com is even up here... Even if the com was meant as a joke, please let lj abuse know this is unacceptable!
Feel free to cross post.
I am completely disgusted now. This is worse than the ana coms I saw yesterday, much worse. Considering I know *at least* half a dozen women who have been through this, I am completely sickened to almost physically. It's a good thing I haven't eaten anything. Also, indirectly through other sources, I know many more, and I have no doubt some of you out there are just as disgusted.

The very sick phoenix
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