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Canye's album rules, it's badass and it fuckin' rules!!! My parents cam think all they want that "rap is crap," but I will be hard put, hard pressed and hard to pursuade after listening to this piece of niceness that hip hop sucks.

I never knew how much you could, should and can put int any type of music until two days ago when I listend to "Christmas at the Biltmore" BY Judy COllins, the Celtic Woman concert on PBS last night and now Canye. Oh my gods! THe emotion...the realness and the way he presents things...damn!

One thing, though. Could someone explain to me why he seems to make fun of college degrees? Am I reading that wrong, or what? I'm not gunna stop listening to him if he does, it just kind of makes me nervous as that's one of the things I want in life and it seems to me that he's making fun of those of us who do. If I'm mistaken, please inform me. I find it rather humorous the way he does it, though, and if that's all he's doing, then yeah he did a damn good job.

Anyway....the emotion here is just....damn!

Nelly will be next on the list of informally reviewed albums. It'll be nice to be able to actually express what I believe is vood music along with some of the nicer things on here.I guess that's what I get for having such a wide range of intrests that span both the Hip hop and the christian fields and just about everything in between.
Canye rules, rules, rules!!!!

The Phoenix
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