The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

Someone needs to make boredom a nonissue...

I'm bored, peoples,

Completely and uterly bored!!

Today's just been one of those days where I don't feel like doing shit, yet I know shit has to get done. I still haven't even thought about touching the dishwasher till now, I may have to do the kitty litter later on today, and I'm in a little bit of pain which doesn't help matters. Thank the godds Dad's at work so I can play Canye loud and long. He'll be gone until about six, and e left at nine. I'm just bored and after the trip not having voices at least close by is maddening. It's too damn quiet around here. I guess right now I'm in a situation where I'm sort of Damned either way, if I have a voice it's my father, if I don't it gets too lonely. I guess it's because I know he lives here. I think it would be different if I knew he didn't and I knew it was just me. I'm beginning to think looking into Goodwill housing again isn't such a bad idea, I just hate the long ass waiting list.

The Phoenix
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