The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

Reading, reading, reading!

Hey all you phoenix fairers,

I sometimes forget how totally booorhrhrhrhrhring reading college texts can be!! I know, I like this book, but I must have lost my focus about three or for times during this chapter. Even with taking about a fifteen minute break to read e-mails. I guess because it's so late, but I had to read it because we have a quiz on it tomorrow.

Anyway, I went to a business etiquette dinner that lasted about two and a half hours because it was four courses. I learned a lot and even went up to the speaker to have her show me some of the more visual aspects of her presentation, so I think I made a favorable impression on her, which iscool. Dinner food was pretty good. A salad, some sort of vedgie soup. Chicken something or other, LOL and pasta. With coke products. Bleh!! I can deal with coke products if I have to, which is more often than not since this entire campus is coke, but they're not my preferred drinking pleasure.
Anyway I came back her and read andd read and read...oh yeah and checked e-mails.

Anyway other trhan the fact that I'm still scrambling around for research for my papers *sighs* I'm doing all right. Hope tomorrow's a good one for everybody.

The Phoenix
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