The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

Why am I always the last to know?!!!!!! It's too bad the French Open started without my knowledge and the last American man was out today. Both agasy and Rodick are gon....*cries*

if someone can give me any way to keep track of the opens and the people in them....and if there is any way to get these delivered to my in box or a site that I can check....muchly!!!!

In other news another absolutely cracking vocal and piano lesson. i kcan now do the G major scale, plust the formula, the apegio in C, one cadence in C and the D major scale. The latter I just learned today, so I'm rather pleased. OK so maybe it's beginner shit, but I'm still like all excited. Especially since this is the most I've done in over a year. I am also proud of myself because I didn't lose as much of my range aas I thought I had and even the teacher said that my voice was more controlled this time than it was last week. SO, wootness!!!!

So yeah, Life is good. Life is good, life, is, goood!!!

A motnth home tomorrow, I seriously can't believe it. and I've actually survived. I have been a bad girl and haven't called the volunteer places because of the issues with the counsellor and the policy decision stufff, but I plan to take care of that tomorrow along with some other calles. If it all possible I'd like to get some in before going up to Daytona. Thou it does put a damper on the ones dealing with people, the animal shelters may still be in the running. I will more than likely be volunteering week days and weekends except for Thursdays which are music days. Now it's off to find some more music to...get on the downlow. I hate being this shady about music, but with a parent who told me that Mike Jones wasn't what she wanted in her house, you know it'll be bad when she finds out what 50 sent's like. It's sad, yall, it really is.

The Phoenix
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