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Computer stuff

A computer technician comes out today to look at my comp to see whether we can't get rid of this pesky virus that seems to just be sitting there.

However, when mom found out he was coming she raced around clearing stuff out of my room, some of which I didn't think needed moving. I cn see her wanting me to make my bet, but taking things that were piled next to my piano bench and moving them into the back room just because they were on the floor, moving a box of paper of a stack of boxes because it wasn't needed there and taking stuff that wasn't even in the way off my tresser because they looked as if they would fall...going a bit far. It's not as if he is going to touch my dresser. Sure he'll see it...but dam, can't this place look at least a little lived in? In her eyes if *anything* is on the floor the room is not the way it should be.

Too bad I don't have the same organizational skills for the rest of my life as I do for my music. If I did I wouldn't have this problem. I must have spent at least an hour and a half cataloging, recatagorizing and moving CD's around. It becomes tiresome after a while, but I know that after this, I'll be able to find what I'm looking for when I want it. I never knew how many CD's I had until now. My christin/christmas collection takes up both sides of a 160 CD rack. My celtic/newage takes one and a half drwers of a 69 CD holder, and te rest of my stuff nearly fills my intertainment system cabinet, which I don't know how many that holds yet. And someone please tell me why I want more music? Music is my life...that's why...bring on the music!!!

If at al possible, there will be a lot more music coming home with me after Indy trip if me and my friend can find the time to go out and get some. It'll be nice to finally meet someone I've been talking to over the phone for nearly a year. It'll also be nice to say that I finally met someone who I met in a phone conference. Now if only I could meet someone else from Virginia...that would be heaven.

Thee Phoenix
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