The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix


Hello all,

It's been a rather interesting, but relaxing day for the most part today.

We went out to breakfast at Denny's today, and that was cool since I hadn't been to a Denny's in forever. The food was good and the parents were actually on good behavior. Oops...who said that? Anyway, we came home after that to pick up some fishing stuff and we went out to another park to go fishing. I listened to nature again, plus some music I brought with me. I took off my shoes for the second time this week and let my feet be on the earth. I always feel so much better after that. I feel like something that wasn't supposed to be there, isn't there anymore and the grounding is just absolutely awesome. We came home because we weren't catching shit for fish. LOL, or at least my parents weren't. I didn't get to hold a pole, but I really didn't mind that too much because I know that if my parents, either one of them, were to hook one, they would let me reel it in.

I came home and just kind of laid around. Talked to Milwaukee person and just kind of did a lot of nothing. Mom is making tuna salad now, so I'll probably have some of that later. I'm just really not hungry and some of the things that Milwaukee and I talked about make me think. I'm wondering certain things, right now, some of which may come out in friends later. Sorry for those of you who are...or may be tired of all this, but I kind of knew this summer was going to be interesting in terms of entries.

The Phoenix
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