The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

new year's collumn

Hey there,

Time for the new years resolutiions such asthey are. I more like to call them goals than anything else. i feel it makes them easier to keep and easier to focus on. LOL

1. I will prove my parents wrong in that I will make it through this semester of college with my head on straight.
2. I will not allow the excitement of being on my own and free cloud the focus of why I am in college in the first place. Which isto learn and to finish my education with a higher understanding of knowledge and a better grasp of the world around me. Grade point average high standing woudld be a pluse...but you know.
3. I do plan to finish at least one of my writings before the year is out...who knows which one, though.
4. to be a good friend and to keep in touch with my other good friends while I'm away at college. I'd hate to lose touch with any of the friends I've made over this past year.
5. To keep in mind that to develope what I want in life, I have to put my own efforts into it and do the necessary research in order to understand things better. This goal is sort of a personal one because I do think I will be exploring other things this year that are very much outside the belief system I grew up under.

That's it for me, JI think. It awas a little bit of a longer list than what I would've expected from myself, but there we are. Now the thing is to come back and look at these every so often so I can see the progress I've made or not made. LOL
Tuess I should go and naybe get some sleep or go back on the freedom chat program. I've gone through e-mails already, but a lot of them were list stuff, so it was pretty much stuff that I just kinda read through with a quickness and moved on.
Later to all the audience and readers out there.
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