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I have decided that music is the best thing anyone ever invented. I must have spent like an hour and a half at the keyboard today practicing those nice little formulas my teacher set me. Mind, I have to memorize these things. My voice and piano lessons went extraordinarily well considering I hadn't done nearly anything for near on one year. Gods, I love my teacher....she's a real task mistress...but I love her!!! I also practiced the arpegioes and stuff....god, I love music....I loooove it!!
I am also bringing more of it back into my life. I am filling the house with it when the parents aren't here and loving it.

Someone called me about my computer and said they would be in my area on Thursday of next week. So at about eleven, I will be seeing someone physical who is a, yeah, the broke people get to stay where they are. *laughs* I love you, I really do. You know who you are.

Now I have to set up an appointment for a physical for Daytona and get that to my counsellor so that she can make a copy and also send it to Daytona. I tried to schedule one today, but their systems were down. I'm just hoping now that I did make the right decision. Maybe getting away from the parents isn't such a bad idea, I just don't like that it's setting my education back, and that everytime I just start to place roots somewhere and a routine starts to emerge, I have to change, or something happens where I have to do something that upsets that routine. Yeah I know it's life, and strangely enough, I wouldn't have it any other way...adventure is part of life, and if life throws something at you, there has to be some sort of reason for it, so...yeah. I just hope that I don't lose my friends that I am making here for that change. That would suck major balls. Also, it would suck major ass...but, yeah.
Anyway, I guess that's it for now and I'll be back soon, I'm sure.

The Phoenix
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