The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

welcome three more

Boy am I popular this week.

Three, no four in a week...and I'm usually really picky about who I add, unless there friends of my friends, and I've seen all yals on other people's F-lists, so...yeah welcome aboard
read2781 silly_singer and caitlin45. Like I said, I'm usually really picky, although my F-list at the moment may tell differently to some extent. I'm pretty much a writer to myself, though, again some posts tell differently. I try to be as detaled as possible, but if you need more details or anything, just ask, and that goes for anyone. If you think there's anything I need to do to make this more reader friendly...well, yeah, just ask.

Hopefully I'll be able to meet those requests. Until later all.

The Phoenix
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