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umm....choices, choices


I didn't think picking volunteer places would be so....gah!!! I went to FGCU's listing for volunteer work and there is so much I want to do. It's almost overwhelming....and those who know me, and now everyone else does, knows that I do, not, like that word!! But it really is almost overwhelming how much they have there....and a lot of it is so interesting sounding. AFCAM, CROW, some things with the department of family services and another shelter for animals, not to mention Best Buddies, big Brother/big sisters, and an organization that places FGCU students one on one with developmentally/mentally challenged individuals. I think it's neat to go out and be with people like that because you may be the only one they see and the only one to make them smile. I guess it's the fact that I was so lonely for three years with no one around to really talk to that makes me feel that way. I don't like it when people have to go through that and I'll do just about anything to keep that from happening.

There was also a couple of things to help kids who were sexually or physically abused and their families, there was one that nearly made me cry because of all the people I know who have been through that. It was a children's advocacy thing where you are a guardian for a child, you are their representative to the courts and the community and you protect that child during the process of legal stuff. I immediately wanted to do this, but then I thought, what does that protection entail? Would you have to house the child and feed them? Take care of them because they would have no where else to go? I wouldn't be so worried about doing this if I had my own place, but me being with the parents makes these questions, much to my dismay, very relevant ones. If I could be that sort of protector for a child...their refuge, I would do it without the least bit of hesitation, and wouldn't look back for anything. I so wish I could do all of this and more. I'm so glad that this isn't the only summer I can do volunteer work otherwise I would be screaming. I even saw things to help with the DBS and thought that might be a good idea to do as well. I keep thinking that if I go for the minority and low income side of things I can relate more to them and them to me since I have a disability, too, and am, in some senses, a minority as well. Not maybe to the maximum extent of things, but I have been put in situations where discrimination comes into play and where I have been looked down or "passed over" because of my blindness, and that, I think would be the most helpful, a person having someone else they can relate to, or someone who can, if not fully understand, at least grasp the basic idea of what they are going through to a fuller extent.

I think maybe I'll pick two or three places and go maybe once or twice a week to each place, that way I can pick two of my main interests this summer. And perhaps I can go back to the radio reading service on Fridays during this next school semester and work there. It'll be nice to be able to run the boards again. I already miss that. I missed being around the readers and joking with a certain one about an event that occurred about three or four weeks into the experience. I wrote about it, I do believe. LOL...neither of us never let the other live that one down, but it was all in good fun, so it wasn't really all that bad at all.

Anyway I suppose I should look into making the decision on where I want to place myself this summer for about twelve dollars a week in transportation. Next on the list is where I should go for theflam I am taking one of your suggestions as I did want to get volunteer work anyway. and for virtue of not being in the house all summer, I may even survive it.

I just hope I can keep Thursdays free as voice lessons are on that day. Unless I can do stuff in the mornings and be home by one or two...that might work especially since the lessons aren't until four thirty. So now it's off to make the decisions...which I may make later on tonight or tomorrow, and relax for a bit.

The Phoenix
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