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Voice lessons are on, on, on!!!! Wooot!!!!

I got a "Nice to hear" from the teacher due to the fact that she had a piano student playing in the background. I heard notes being picked out and an "OK" befor she hung up, that's how I knew someone was there. SO due to the quickness of the call, I got the desired reaction I wanted from her. She said they won't start this week, but the tentative time, for now, is four thirty on Thursdays starting next week. I do have to confirm it with the parents, right now I feel it's easier that way. However, when I get the volunteer work that will have to be during the day. That was another reason I set the lessons up for the afternoon/evening, so I had all day for volunteer stuff. That is my next doing, I wanted to get pleasure in first for once, before business...wooot, music lessons!!!! woot, wooot, woooooooooooot!!!!!

the Phoenix
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