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Back at school

Hey alls,

I am back at school which is somewhat of a good thing. I feel so much freer here. I don't feel as oppressed, as...under pressur? I don't know whether it's the house or the people in it, but every time I go and come back here it's like weights come down and lift off. And every time I leave it nearly makes me cry to see Colin left there. I know he doesn't like it when I leave.

Anyway, I've got a pretty good stock of food now and Mountain Dew. Yea!!!The one thing I didn't remember to put on the grocery list is watter, but oh well. Mom may be coming down this weekend, so I'll tell her to pick some up on the way down here.
So, I guess that's all for now and I'll write again when I get thechance.

The Phoenix
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