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the weekend so far

OK....Let us start with last night...
went home pretty early in the morning, but by the time Mom and I were done filling out papers for various things, rooming arrangements and application for a summer program that I will be doing this wasn't so early. LOL
Then we went to Barnes and Noble and I picked up a Dublniers album and a book called "The Power of Positive thinking." Also...this is my bad, but I got an artist's name wrong. It's not Sally O'fields, It's Sally Oldfield. LOL I ordered her album "Flaming Star," so that's something I can't wait for to come in.

I did my interview with High Priestess Wendyl which went really well. I got my questions done and then we just started talking...I guess I kinda got carried away. I knew Mom was gunan say something, but I think it went well. Her thing was that my point was the research paper and not to give me life history. But I feel like I got the main point out of the way first, then we started talking life stuff and throughout that discussion more questions came up like stuff about crystal healing and stuff like that. Anyway I guess I'm a talker and that can be to the point of being a fault at times.
I went to the Irish Rovers concert. What a time! They did a lot of their newer stuff from their new live album, so I didn't know a lot of the songs or the titles. But some of the songs they did were "The Deep Blue Sea," "Unicorne," "Irish Rover," "Whistlin Gypsy Rover," and "Lilly the Pink." They also told some jokes and stuff which were pretty good. They told the one about the three flies and some others that I can't remember right now.
After the concert, I went to have the CD I baught autographed and I got all seven members to sigh it...acgually Mom helped me in that regard, but it got done.
I came home and went straight to bed!!

I slept till noon today, which is s something I rarely do. Then I got up and did some research for my Florida Panther paper and got to talk to a friend of mine who hasn't been on all week, so that was awesome. I also talked to the person who added me the other day. I still don't know their name. I did find out that we have a lot more in common than the stuff I mentioned earlier. Anyway Mom came home and then they went over to my grandparents, so I didn't get to go to the equanocks celebration like I wanted. I didn't even go ovdr to the grandparents with them. I stayed home and like a baby cried my eyes out. LOL Anyway I think I needed it, so I guess it doesn't matter.
They came home fifteen minutes later and Mom made spaghetti for super. I asked her if she would take me to TP Hoolihans since we didn't get to go to the celebration, and she said she'd think about it. She said it in such a way that i was almost sure we wouldn't go.I wsas near positive when she poured whine with the spaghetti.
Then Tarzan came on and it was after eight and the entertainment started at eight....we're not going!! two disappointments in a day...too much!!!

Then she asked, "Do you want to watch this, or do you want to go?"
"I want to go." Yea!!!! We're going!!!! I was so extremely happy.
She got her jacket and had me brush my teeth after the garlic bread.
So we got in the car and went. We stayed for about an hour and a half. We came in on "I'm a rambler, I'm a Gambler." He , Michael Baily, remembered me from last week while I was there, so that was cool. He even dedicated a song to me, "Unicor" of all songs. LOL The funnything was, I had just gotten done listening to that song when I was at home. He played King of the faeries to wrap up the set. Yeah I love that song!!! I danced and clapped and danced and clapped while he played it. It was after that song that he came back to say hi.
Then he did "Jug of Punch," another one of my favorites. He did some others that I don't know the name of, then :Danny Boy." Mom had gottten the bill by then and we went up after that song to give him a couple dollars for tip. I really do enjoy him very much. If he has any CD's out I may have to go out and get them. He plays the accordion, and man is he awesome!!!

Anyway we came home and I started writing in here when Mendi called. We were on the phone for a while, then a friend of hers from LA called. After that she called back and I just got off the phone not too long ago with her. I wanted to write in here before I went to bed, so here am I. I guess that's it for the weekend right now, but it's not over yet.
I'll probably go back to school tomorrow after I get this grocery list sorted out. I really need food!!
Anyway I'll write again soon. Hope all are well.

The Phoenix
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