The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

tickets, cheapper...

Hello again,

I think she'll probably end up taking me, so go figure...again.

However, I do need to get a hold of her because the tickets are waaaay cheapper if we stop at the church to get them instead of me ordering them from the place I was going to order them from. They're $14.50 at the church and they take cash or chck. At the place I called that wasn't the church, they do take credit cards, but they're$16.50 a pice, pluse a three dollar service fee per ticket. Might as well just spend the extra money in gas to get may evem be cheapper in the long run to do that...t25 dollars sounds much better than 39 in my book. She said to go ahead and get two, but I do want to talk to her before I do anything such as order the ticket...I may go ahead, though and just order them from CHristian Happenings...because she'll be cutting it close coming home from work. We'll see, though.

I'll probably end up calling her a bit later as she is at work and may be in classes by now. I just hope she doesn't mind running out there twice in about two or three days. If she doesn't end up taking me, at least I won't have to worry about returned credit.

Anyway, I suppose I had better get some stuff done around here sinc *she* wants me to clean up *my* room and all that good stuff. I haven't even been home a week and she's already wanting me to do stuff...stuff that can wait.

The Phoenix
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