The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

God is Crazy About you... the name doesn't exactly spark some interest for many of you...and even though I am not Christian anymore, I do believe in a creative force...I choose to call it gods...but I will also settle for calling it god. I also believe that there is a god and a goddess...however this tour...since Mark Lowry is a Christian comedian, just happens to be called that.

Mark Lowry
Ft Myers
First Assembly
God Is Crazy About You tour

Meow!!!!! I'm seriously hoping this church isn't too far from us....mmmmm....Mark Lowry!!! To see him live instead of hearing him from a CD, especially since I have three of his, would be absolutely wonderful. Definitely a candidate for memmorable entries.

OK I'm done now. I just need a little excitement, it's bad when you've only been home for two days and you want to leave already.

The Phoenix
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