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The Phoenix


I'm sitting here in fron tof the computer waiting for messengers to download. There are two newer versions I needed to get and I'm on the second one, but on dialup, they are taking forever. I seriously think it's time for me go get a new computer. I tried to go the site to download IE again, and even getting it from the site, it still godsn't give me the numbers I need. It says version and all that at the top, but there are no numbers besid the list of three things there, which makes me unable to d a hell of a lot. It looks like thelaptop will be my main system at home, too because it'll be the only one I can message, talk and comment from. Also that's where a lot of my good music is, so there we go. I just wish there was a way to get a new computer without having to pay for it. I would have asked the District Advisor for my Division of Blind Services office, but she resigned apparently, so I can't ask her anything anymore.

Also I am getting a new counsellor, buut itwill not be Rosa, as she got a job offer closer to home and has decided to take it. It will now be a woman named Jane DePaola, who apparently, has been there for quite a while and isn't expected to go anywhere anytime soon.. In the meantime, Cindy is handling my case. After the first, however, it will be Jane who handles me. I hope to all the gods that we get along a lot better than Cindy and I did and I hope she gets somewhat of a balanced picture of me. With CIndy explaining things, I doubt that will happen, though.

I'm not exactly sure how long this download is going to take, but I suppose I had better start unpacking more of my stuff and emptying my CD collection back into their cases before it gets too much later. For some reason I' mthinking it'll seem like I just unpacked about three months from now when I have to pack everything back up again to takeback to school.

Now that I'm home, however and now that I have a few days to settle in, I guess I'd better take advantage of it and play som music that I wouldn't otherwis be able to play.

The Phoenix
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