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OK so this subject line refersto yesterday,. but oh well.

I did finish my anthro final as I told all of you, and then came home and was bore out of my fuckin' mind until someone messaged me. *smiles* She and I talked off and on for a bit until company came and then I had to go. weepingangel was the company, and she and I took a walk to the library so she could return a movie.

I was feeling kinda sad yestereay, and I don't know why, all I know is I needed some company and I needed it sort of badly. I packed some yesterday, but didn't do much else... ... ...

Except for be in major pain!!! I took a vicodin when I got home from the final which helped a bit, then one at nine thirty then one at twelve thirty....and you guys know it's bad when that happens, because I'm usually very conservative with the shit. I only take it when I'm about to cry, or about to die from the pain, otherwise it's excedren or tylanol. I was in so much pain last night that I'm suprised some of the more gifted ones om messenger didn't feel it. I know weepingangel did, but that's because she was im close physical proximity to me. I hate being in that much pain.....seriously!! What was weird, though was, as long as I was moving the pain was nonexistent, but man I stand still or stop moving for like even a short period of time...wham! Here comes the pain. It really sucked big time. Especially since the pain hadn't hit me that hard for going on like three or four months. or maybe two or three...I know it's been a good bit of time since I've sat down to write about how bad I

Even this morning I woke up in a little bit of pain, but not nearly as bad as last night...thank all the gods! If I would have woken up in that much pain, I would have seriously been complaining. The pain is enough, however, that I just took two excedren for it. I do want to be able to concentrate on this last final, thank you very much. With that being said, I had better head out because I want to eat, too before I take it. It's at one thirty, and since the Eagle cafe closes at two...well, I'd better be heading out the door. Speak to you all after the final, and after I pack.

The Phoenix
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