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I finished my anthropology final in little over an hour and went to get food afterwords. I am just now getting in.

I felt bad for Cori actually because half the exam was essay and I know what it means to sit for hours and write.

I am actually going to miss this class. Anthropology was actually one of my favorite courses this semester and I did my best to read everything that wis given me, win/if I had it, and most of the stuff that was in that class I remembered from a cultural anthropology class I had had back up in Indiana when I was going to school there. The teacher was good, she sat down with me sometimes and helped me through things, and she was very respectful of those who did the work. She was one of those, however, that took no nonsense from anyone. I liked her and sometimes I wish I could get to know these teacher as people because they seem like really cool ones. I also think Ii did really good in that class and that's one of the ones I'm expecting a very high grade in.

Now the only one I have left is my lit exam and that isn't until tomorrow afternoon. I'll probably be packing most of today and tomorrow and hopefully I can get all of this taken care of.

I leave at 5:30 on Thursday and if I can help it I will fix my desktop so I can actually comment in other people's journals so I don't have to do the protected entry deal and the e-mails...I hate older PC's. I need a new one seriously badly. Take care all.

The Phoenix
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