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I'm done with chemestry...done, done, done!!!

I did somewhat of a bad thing, though and completely blew off the last quiz. But considering I spent mearly all of yesterday on three chapters worhth of homework questions and the final today...which I had no one to blame but me, I decided enough was enough. Probably not the wisest decision to make, but oh well. I also couldn't find it in my email folder, and I know I didn't delete it yet, so I don't know why it wasn't there. I may look again, but I doubt it. I wanted to send everything out in one email so I could be all done with it, and since it's been sent out...I will more than likely just say forget it and hope to all the gods that it doesn't hurt me too badly.

It only took me an hour and a half to do the final and I'm thinking, knowing I did a lot better on this than I did on the mid term due to the fact that I did do the homework questions and most of them were still fresh. I'm hoping that quiz doesn't adversely affect me too much. I just sent the stuff out using spitfire's site which is somewhat eccessible, but could seriously use some forms help. Unlike other forms I can't read what's there and I don't know whether I made a mistake in my typing or not...damn the inaccessible forms!

Now it's off to celebrate the hardest final done!!! I think maybe I'll hit the radio station today since I didn't get to hit it on Monday. It'll be nice to go in there on a Tuesday afternoon for a change. I'll even be able to have him sign off on a form for CSL so that I can turn those in for this semester. I'll also get to tell him about the math class and how I passed with a C since I haven't had a chance to tell him yet. Two down, two to go...woooooot!!!!!

The Phoenix
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