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Lowry....Mark, come to me....Mark!!

OK yalls,

So I'm not Christian strictly speaking....but Mark Lowry has been one of my favorite comedians ever since I can remember...Hearing him first at my cousin's house was thhe best thing she ever did for me in the comedy department....and he's gunna be down here somewhere near me!!!mmmmm....Lowry. Mom told me about it, but she says she doesn't know where or how much the tickets are....mmmm Mark Lowry.....

I have three of his albums, and I know there has to be more...yumnmnmnmy!!! I was hoping to be able to see him one day....hoping, even after I changed to be able to see him....Thank all that's holy...if I do get to see him...I will scream literally....Mark!!!

OK so you guys know one of my unspecified interests. I am seriously not in love with the man himself, though this entry may make you think differently. It's interesting, though my range of interests stretch from Mark Lowry to 50 cent and Nelly. I'm just glad, that I might ... might be able to see one of my favorite comedians...and one of the only ones I listen to extensively. Woooot!!!

The Phoenix
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