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OK so there's two updates before I leave yalls

I thought by now mom wouldbe here, but I'm still waiting. I've been reading one of the books, calya, that you sent. "Witach craft for All," rather an interesting read. Not only does this clear up a lot of things, it makes me wonder why on earth others are so opposed to this sort of thing. I guess it comes back down to the control of persons sort of thing and control of the masses.
Anyway, I'm glad I decided to do this research paper. It's really helped me grow in so many ways...and really opened my mind.

On to other things...I'm like sitting here wondering how long it's gunna take mom to get here and...just sort of thinking about nothing in particular. I did have a conversation with someone who added me to their list whil looking at LJ's. It's interesting that some would return the favor that had me finding Ryogalost. They said we had a lot in common, which I can see. Both of us at one time lived in now. LOL and both of us are interested in alternative therapy. I just hope we can find more. LOL I've got a headache. Maybe because I was concentrating so hard on the book. LOL I don't think I've dever been so involved in a research project even back when I was doing my music therapy and audio books papers. I am gunna have to pull away some, though and start this paper on the Florida panther. I have four sources already, but now it's time to go more for the library side of things, and since the paper ont he panthers is due before the wicca paper...well I guess I had better start putting the same amount of intensity into that project as to this one. THen there's the ten minute presentation I have to do on Isabel Allende, which shouldn't be too bad. I just hope I can pull all of this off and get good grades in these classes. Everybody keep sending prayers and positive energies, please!! Thank you. Anyway I guess that's it for now. I know I've been writing a lot lately, but I'm just in that sort of mood again, and I don't really feel any poetry or anything, just the need to write, express some things, I guess.

Again be good to each other and cherish your friends most of all.

The Phoenix
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