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Andy and I hung out again tonight, and it was rather interesting, as it usually is.

We went to subway and got something to eat, and were going to go to publics to pick up some MD for me, but I didn't want to miss a bus and have to hang there for like two hours, so I passed and just bought a twenty ounce bottle there and had him refill my large cup tht I got with my chicken tarioki sub.

When we got back, I went to his place and hung out in his room for a bit. He introduced me to Foo Fighters, the song "Rape Me" By Nervana...and handed me a Staind album. He also had...Nellyville....woooooot!!! I was an extremely happy woman. So of course....for temporary purposes, I have the album on the comp. Once I buy it, however ... away it will go. I just ... have got to have this album...and fuck my parents. I'm about to say that anyway and Mom and I will probably sit down and have a nice long conversation ending in "Hey Mom, as long as you don't have to hear it, may I please listen to it?" I am twenty-five after all and I have a funny feeling that my college career is going to be the one place where I am going to pick up at least some albums she will not find listenable. Not too many, though. I already have Ruben, who's style she doesn't like ... so why not add more?I'm also about to pick up some old school shit like Salt and Peppa and some of the early nineties music that I grew up to and that was around while I was in high school. Mind you, she was saying about sis years ago that even if I were twenty-five and black, she wouldn't let S&P in the house. Sorry mother, I know I still live beneath your roof and all, but it's inevitable that this sort of thing will find its way into the hous whether you like it or not. I have this funny feeling that music will become a bone of contention between me and my parents (especially my mom) before the summer is out. The three hiphop artists I am looking for at the moment are Canye West, 50 cent and Nelly. Not that I won't be looking for others later, but at the moment, these are the top three on my I Want Now list...that and John Legend, even though he's not in the afore mentioned genre. I've heard from someone who's been to his concert that his piano skills are out the rooff and absolutely amazing, and that in itself makes me go MMMMM......meow!!! So now that that's been established...I suppose I should go off to listen to said temporary had album...until I get the courage to stand there in front of my mother and ask for it.

I digress, however...he asked me about feeling lonely because I had mentioned while we were waiting for the bus, so I told him about the lonely feelings I sometimes get and what they do, and how I deal with them. While waiting for the bus, we sort of debated musical likes and dislikes and talked about certain reasons why I can and can't listen to certain kinds of music ... like the really really heavy metal stuff. It's not that I won't try some types of music I've never been exposed to, it's just that sometimes there's a bit more negativity in some of the music, and I tend to pick up on that...especially in the really heavy metal stuff. It's weird because with some other styles it's not as bad, but with the metal...well it's just weird like that, I guess. So we kind of had our first disagreement without really fighting, which wascool. It's kind of interesting, though, how sort of nervous I am around him. It's taking me a bit longer to grust him than it is for some others. I'm beginning to wonder if the situation with Indiana boy did more psychological damage to me than I want to think about. Anyway ... off to enjoy Pimp Juice for the umpteenth time ...

The Phoenix
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