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Homework waits, fluids sit in front of me....and I feel like doing something, but I don't know what...not the homework, though. I promise, it &*will* get done....even if I have to force myself to sit down and work through it, which looks like it might be the case. I am seriously doing something I shouldn't...which is procrastinate. I'm gust glad this final's on's the hardest one and then I get to relax.

I will also have to start packing due to the fact that I am leaving the day of my lit final and that thing is at one thirty. I leave at five thirty. So there we hasn't been too eventful yet, though there may comean entry later...I am starting to be really scared about going home due to the fact that I am startingto pick up albums that mommy dearest is going to find...well..objectionable.

Good day to all and hugs.

The Phoenix
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