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still sick...damn it I wish this thing would go away!!!

No radiostation again today, only class and tutoring, which I am actually sort of looking forward to. Math final tomorrow then I'm done!!

I will also find out tomorrow whether or not I can use my voice extensively or not next semester.I hope for my sanity's sake that I do.

Glenn says I have my forty hours in at the radio station and I don't have to do it anymore, but I like it there so much that I may go in next week just to be there. It all depends on whether or not I have my homework done or not. I can't wait until I take this math final so I can really zero in on this chemestry stuff. I never did find class mates to help me with the chapters that I don't I hope he doesn't cut me for that. I hate when things don't get done...on time damn it. I seriously hope we, do, not, have this problem next semester or poetprodigy7 will not be the only one screaming...we, will, not, go, there! I'll be doing it more than I already have here...and I have done it a couple of times.

I have one or two finals next week one of which I will probably due early and turn in so that I can have it done. I still don't know whether Bldsoe is going to just give me the final on disk or have me do it at Adaptive services. We spoke about the midterm and due to a few screw ups, I think she may just give me it. I don't know whether it was me or what, but I got a few things wrong...that I could have sworn I said differently.

My prof for anthropology class says that our final is going to be 50 percent essay....eewies! I hate using my voice that much to dictate things...this is when I need mountain dew....and waah...waah...waah...I'm out!!! Yeah I know I'm being a baby, but right now I don't care. I just...need some carbination for my throat and at the moment I am out of said carbination

So now it's off to get cleaned up, I suppose and face the day, though I really don't feel like it. I just feel like sleeping...sleeping until I really feel better. If I knew we weren't covering new sshit in anthropology I would stay home and sleep...and sleeep....and well you know.

Hugs to all.

The Phoenix
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