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I passed the math test...squeeeeeeee!!!!

Now it's on to face the final on Thursday and see whether I pass the course. I am also about to scream because I'm missing about six chapters worth of chemestry and ther ain't no way I'm gunna get them in time and I'm kind of afraid to tell the teacher in case he goes running to Cori who will come running to me and chew me up one side and down the other for not letting her know...part of it was my doing, however because I told the reader to skip two chapters so she could get me the stuff that's supposed to be on the final nextweek.

Wish me luck all, I may not even pass the chemestry cours at this rate. Hopefully I will...but who knows.

I am having problems with MSN it's saying that the service can't be found so if I'm not on in the next few days that's why.afro_thunder i haven't seen you around, lately. I can understand the weekend...but I haven't even seen ya on during the day...where you be hiding? I could use a good long chat...and skype's still being a pain. Not that I've had much time to poke around...but still.

Now it's off to do other things. Sorry for such turse sentences, I'm just not in a very good mood at the moment due to being extremely brain fried from a math test and a math class.

Good night to all and hugs to all.

The Phoenix
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