The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix


I am feeling a hundred times better now than I was this morning. This morning was absolutely horrible...I had to take some dayquill to get through class and as it was I asked the teacher if I could go home because I was sick after handing her my quiz on which I think I did really well on. That class has been somewhat of an easy A for me.

I then ate and came home and proceeded to sleep for the next three hours and am so much better for it. Now I will probably end up reading some of my anthropology stuff since I am finally getting more of it and I will be reviewing for math and stuff since my test is tomorrow. I even skipped tutoring due to the fact that I was sick and I wanted to sleep. So now I am's nearly four and I have messed up my sleep there.

I have finally started my menstration again....wooot!!!! After skipping nearly two months...I've started again! Thing is, I'm getting over a cold. One of my friends said that she was sick one time right after hers, and then was sick again the next month right before the same thing has happened to me...I am sick...and now i'm getting over it and here comes my menstration....what kind of shit is that? It's interesting what sort of connection you can have with people just by talking to them over the damn phone. Oh well, I'm just glad I started, I was beginning to get worried for a bit there because this was the longest I've gone without menstrating since I went off the pill 6 years ago and off dhong quai 4 years ago.

now that that has been established, I suppose I had better get some stuff done.

The Phoenix
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