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update before I leave

Hey all you phoenix fans,

I go home today, yea!!! LOL I also have this interview with the head priestess, so wish me luck. I'm not exactly sure how long that's guna take, but there we are. I have a whole list of questions to ask, and I have them all written down, so it should go pretty well. I just hope I don't get nervous. I sometimes do before interviewes, especially being the interviewer, since I'm not on that side of the coin all that often.

Anyway, I was talking about some of my research yesterday with my friend Jennifer...and I am Christian, yes, but unlike her I tend to be more riberal with path choices....her deal is anything that takes away from Jesus as lord is of the offense meant to her...but typical Christian. I mean I can see where she's coming from in the sencde that the Bible says certain things, but I just have different interpretations on things. And I still hold to the opinion of one of my friends that as long as it doesn't replace god...welll no harm done? I'm not dissing her or anything, I wouldn't even want to do that after all the help she's given me, I just have a hard time feeling that way especially when I can experience, however minimally, some of the things that are not considered in the Christian path. Especially since I believe in a lot of things that fall way outside the Christian way. I guess I know now what I can and can't tell her, which is sort of a liberation and a hinderance.
Anyway that's my small rant for the day. Just sort of had to get that out. LOL

I took the time last night to sort of work a wee bit on a couple of my stories before I headed of to bed and after I had had a few conversations with friends. Nykky, Gina and Bat all had my attention at one time or another. Oh yes and Quick. I'm tellin' ya what, I think bird is getting a little for my liking. If he gets too much closer in the flurting, I may haveto tell him to back off a bit. Sure flurting is nice and I don't mind it, but there does come a point where it's just a little to...personal? I dunno how to word it, but it is there. Anyway after I worked on my stories...I went off to bed and then got up at about six. I'm not exactly sure when mom's gunna be here. SHe said she'd call before she came, so we'll justhave to see when that happens. She said sometime this morning, though

Anyway I guess that's it except for the fact that I am talking again with my friend from ISB. I'm loving this!!! LOL Well untill next time I write, all of you take care of each other and cherish those who are your friends.

The Phoenix
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