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The Phoenix

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sick, sick, sick!!!

Being sick sucks, really does. I haven't been able to get much reading done this day because of my constantly blowing nose and my fugged up brain. This also means that no math review got done, which suck even more. I am trying to care...trying to say I can get through this semester, but for some reason, I've just shut down and my homework just sits and sits and piles and I don't care whether it gets done or not. I know it needsto get done, and I will force myself to do it...however right now I'm just feeling all hot and cold and achy and I'm coughing...and my chest hurts like bloody hell My nose is running like a fauset and I'm generally somewhat bitchy to all but those who are closest to me and those who I know. I do feel a little better this afternoon, but I am still all nasty and icky feeling. I just hope this goes away seriously. If I have to sit here in this fog on Tuesday, which I can hear buzzing in my head, I will be screaming. Hazy...half out of it...yet I seem to be somewhat more "aware" of things than I have been in a long time.

I hope yall are haveing a better day than I am.

The Phoenix
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