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OK yalls....yea!!!

It's the weekend!!!!

Yea!!!! I've got these questions done for the interview tomorrow, so now i can just sit back and relax till I get tired enough...or awake enough to sleep. LOL
This week's just been a little messed up sleep wise, but other than that...well you know. lOL Research projects are coming along quite nicely. I've got enough information on the pagan side of things. Now it's time to go and look at the Christian aspect. I sort of consider myself one, however slightly, lol but it wuld be nice to have a little bit of outside information as well. Neither way of life is easy and both have their ethics, though one is considerably mor book oriented than the other. I still think when I start writing this paper it's gunna take off and I'll be done with it before I can say...123!!! LOL Anyway, if you guys want me to post it here, let me know. It'll be a long entry since I don't know how to externally link stuff, but there we are.
So then...Friday's the concert, and Mom's gunna pick me up tomorrow and I'm going home!!! I shouldn't be this excited about going home, and if it weren't for the concert, I wouldn't be. But just being able to see an Irish music band is thrilling.

OK question for you readers...Sally o'fields? First of all has anyone heard of her? And if you have, what's a good album for a beginner? I'm still debating on whether to get the Elaine Silver or not, and half the debate is parent centered. If I knew my mom wouldn't by happenchance come across the music, I wouldn't much care, but with me going back and forth between the house and all...well there comes the problem. I know I shouldn't care, bu8t...just me I suppose.

Anyway I guess that's it for now for the third update in a day. LOL
Now it's off to bed to dream about the wonderful grades I'll be getting in all my classes. Smiles.

Till next time,

The Phoenix
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