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Yep, that's right, still sick. Hey awallens sorry for up and leaving on you like that, but I really really needed to get meds.

Andy came over today while I was still and pajamas and asked if I was awake...but of course. So I told him that I needed meds and he said that we could go to publics. I love it when I have friends to help me out. So he let me get some clothes on and he and I took the bus to the publics plaza where I got some day quill and nigh quill and some toilet paper. After that, since we had to wait for the next bus, we went to a coffee place and I got a coffee, an Irish cream lotte (surprise, surprise....not) and he got an iced tea. He and I discussed his family and mine while on the bus and then he dropped me off at my place...

Here's where I'm going holy fucking shit!...
The girl that had nothing to say to me....actually spoke tome today....actually spoke to me. It's almost like the nasty situation didn't even exist...which for the time being is OK by me. I mean there are some people who probably wouldn't give this one the time of day, but since she spoke first...well I spoke back.
"So what's this with Andy?"
"Nothing, he's just a friend. We met on the bus."
"Yeah I know you knew him before, I was just wondering if there was anything serious."
"Nope, we're just friends."

Then she pro ceded to help me with my meds by opening them and reading the labels and such. So...the discussion that the RA had with her must not have been too bad, either that or she realized how immature she was being and this is her way of apologizing...something like that. Ah well, as long as she can at least tolerate me for the next two or so weeks, it's all good.

What was interesting as when I got out and started moving, I felt worlds better than when I did just sitting here doing nothing.

I really do like Andy as a friend, he sort of reminds me of Lia in some ways, sort of crazy and out there. There are some things of his that I don't agree with, but that comes with most people, I think. He and I have really interesting discussions and a lot of times he is really the only guy other than Firlo who comes around to say hi. I'm glad I at least have two people who are outside the building that will come in to say hi and come around to hang out with. It breaks up the loneliness a lot and that's what I need right now. I don't go into it much here, but I do get lonely sometimes, very lonely, and no matter how much I'm on the computer or the phone...I just need to get out sometimes.

Anyway, I suppose I had better relax a bit more and just kind of clean up in here a little bit. Homework might get done, it all depends on if I have the attention span for it. hugs to all who need them and be good to each other.

The Phoenix.
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