The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

OK day....

Today's gone pretty much OK I suppose.

I kind of did a sloppy job today on the breaks, I was late for one and forgot to check a pot for one of the reader's mic on another, but other than that it went OK. Glenn talked to me about certain issues like money and how important it is for us to look good as blind people because it's harder for us to do things so we have to work harder to do them. He also told me I was to old to live at home...duh...and that I was too old to be...get this...too old to ve a virgin...I'm not too sure I agree with him on that score, but oh well. I think, personally that sex is one of those intimacies that should be shared with either...A, a very very close friend, or B, your marriage, or soon to be, marriage partner...just me though. I'm not gunna sit her and say that those who think differently are any less of people, though. It's your body...and what you choose to do with it is your choice.

I know he's being straight with me, and I know he wants to see me succeed, but it's just kind of weird to be talking that sort of talk with a just feels weird. He did give me a lot of cool sites, though and I'll have to see whether they came through or not...I hope they did because some of them seem really cool. I don't think I will do anything in the way of homework today, however. I think today's going to be cleaning day where I will try to start packing the nonesentials. All the extra shoos, the estra clothes...just the little things that I don't use much. I just hope I can find my RA before the day is out because I still need to make a check out appointment with him. I'm going to say 6:00 PM on the 29th and hope that flies. So now it's off to just sort of's's the weekend!!!

The Phoenix
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