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Friday's here, the radio station awates...and I'm actually feeling somewhat like mystlf. Somewhat...I still feel kind of yucky, but oh well.

I went to the choir performance yesterday and it was worth running on the policy of what someone doesn't know won't hurt him. Chad was excellent, Mike's voice fit "Come What May" from Moulon rouge to a T and the resto f the performers were just absolutely brilliant. There was one girl who did "Momma I'm a Big GIrl Now" from Hair Spray and brought her mother up for the song...however, the irony of the whole situation was that she didn't pick the song, the choir director did. Then there was an ensemble of four girls who did "Mister Sandman" and they all came out in Pajamas holding stuffed animals like teddy bears and things.
And, chad's playing of Motzart with the piano and chello and in the second half "Song without WOrds"....mmmmmm....gods!!! I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't pick that instrument up....mmmm!! He's one of those who can seriously make the violin sing...really sing. Just like the other one can make the chello sing. Meow!!!

The performance went for three hours...or so with a ten minute informission. We got there at six thirty and the performance was over at eight thirty...we didn't leave until about eight forty-five, though because they had refreshments. Aftr we got those we left and weepingangel took me back to my place. I talked to Doreen for a few, and then ended up falling asleep and staying hat way.

Today I will probably end up working at the radio reading station all day since I really have nothing else to do except for study for math and these chemestry questions. I just hope everything works out.

I heard from my RA about the situation yesterday. See I just made him think they qulled a nasty one on I let them off easy. He said he had a discussion with her, so itwas taken care of. I told him that I was going to ignore her if she continued ignoring me...he said that two wrongs don't make a right, and I agreed, but if she doesn't wish to speak to me...than I in turn have no wish to speak with her. Perhaps it's a bit immature of me, but at the moment, I don't feel like being charitable to someone who has the capacity to do something like what this girl did.
grrrr!! I am going to have to take some pills to the wellness center or the radio station. The doctor wants me to take half a pill three times a day for stuff to help counter the nervousness caused by the abuterol, but I am having trouble breaking bhe pills in half. It's easier for me to break the vicadin in half than it is thes small round deals. He said they were scored so that you could do it and they should automaticaly break in half when you pull them out. Not so much. So now it's to find out whether these are even the right I am seriously hoping they didn't make a mistake. I didn't even think to check...ah well, if they are the right ones I'll just have someone help me break them in half since I can't seem to have the coordination to do this. *smiles*

So now it's off to face the to take my abuterol and face the day. Hopefully this day will make up for the week I've been having.
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