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Just because it's asleep...just because it's quiet, doesn't nean it's gone...

I told you all I felt yucky this morning...well it's gunna get rather interesting.

I was OK for chemestry class, but I had the cough. well round about twelve thirty every thing changed...and drastically. I was walking with Firlo...and I was telling him that I was sick...but I was OK, or so I thought. However, I was having slight trouble breathing. I'm sitting in class and I start really bad. I told her I would stay for the group presentation, but then I would have to go. Well she knew I was sick so she let me go early. She gave me back my paper, on which I got a B+ and some notes from today's class along with the handout. During class, I was haveing to shorten my sentences due to lack of air...that should have been my first clue something wasn't right. By this time...I'm really bad, I felt like I was short of breath and I was almost light headed. Weeze, wheeze...I was walking down the hall to Ben Hill Griffin to tell my teacher that I wasn't even gunna make it for our test tonight. I got there and there were a couple of nice young ladies there, one of which e-mailed the teacher for me. I was going to wait for him, but decided to hit the wellness center first because I couldn't wait. By this time it hurts to even think about breathing, let alone doing the action itself...wheeze, wheeze, cough...that's better...two minutes later...wheeze, wheeze...they got me to the wellness center where they left me after making sure a nurse had me in hand. She sat me down, put an oxygen/pulse moniter on my finger and gave me oxygen through one of those tubes that they put in your nose....ah blessed releif...I can breathe!!! That seriously scared the shit out of me...that was worse than six years ago...this was an actual full blown attack, which I had never had before. Yeah I was on inhalers, but...damn! This was just seriously. He gave me some abuterol which I'll have to pay for, and a perscription for some pills to counteract the nervousness that it could cause. I also spoke to him about the pain, so he gave me a perscription for something for me to keep on hand...yea!!! That will keep me from getting into some serious problems now if i were ever caught with someone elses perscription.

I managed to get weepingangel to pick me up to get the perscriptions filled. while we were in the car, I had to take some more abuterol because a girl who had just smoked a cigarette climed in and just the inhaling of that smell triggered down...two puffs...damn, I didn't know it could be triggered that quickly! I am not going to take the test now until next Tuesday...and I thought about not going anywhere tonight, but a night of good music just might do me some good, so I'm going to operate on the what my prof doesn't know won't hurt him policy and head to the Black Box for the choir performance tonight. Especially since Chad is playing, and a friend of mine whose name is Mike is doing a duet. I'm thinking maybe if I just let go for one night...just one, I'll be good. I will be carying the abuterol with me every where I go now, though just in case it's needed...that seriously did scare me half out of my skin...quite literally. I'd never felt so close to passing close! I wasn't exactly panicking, but all I could think of was...who would've thought I would have asthma again after all these years? I thought it had gone, like completely gone away. This is, however, the first time it has come back since I've been down here, and I've been down here for two and a half years. It just goes to show you, that it can come back at any random moment...and it doesn't matter if it's been six or ten years. When I was a senior in high school, however, I really never had a full blown attack like this one was. They caught it before it went that far, I guess. This time however...not so much. I tell ya this has just been one hell of a week. What with the situation some two nights back, or three...and the asthma reoccurrance...what next?

The math test has been rescheduled for Tuesday at one o'clock, and then the final is that now it's next week that you all will really have to keep fingers crossed for me. I just hope I can get all these chemestry things done too...damn talk about a buckle down totally seriously. I will be so completely glad when this semester is done, so I can get the hell out of dodge and start finding real volunteer work that'll get me out of the house. Not that I don't love the radio station...I could work there all damn day, it's just I'm about ready for a change of pace. I'll be glad to actually go home for a bit and implement some suggestions put to me by some fellow readers. *smiles* as well as suggestions that run along the same lines put to me by my boss at the radio reading service station. Now though, it's off to relax a bit before weepingangel comes to get me for this performance. I really don't like running on this policy, but at the moment I'm saying screw my better judgment...I need to relax. I'm just hoping my prof doesn't find out. If he does...oh well, shit happens. As you can see, I'm feeling much better than I was this morning. I just hope this keeps up.

The Phoenix
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