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Hello all,

That's the way I'm starting to feel right now. Yucky. I have a nice dry cough that is in my chest, which means it's time to start on echenacia again. I an so extremely glad this is taking place*after* the performance on Tuesday...I would have been seriously pissed if I would have had to cancel that.

I managed to get my anthropology assignment in yesterday, but I had to get up early to do it. I also have a math test today yalls, so wish me luck...seriously. I am a lot mor confident though about this one than I was on the last one. Most of this is memmorization, and me and memmorization just happen to be on very good terms. Keep sending the positive stuff, though, please...I am gunna need it.
What sucks is the FGCU singers perform tonight, but he set the test up at six o'clock, and the performance starts at six thirty....damn it! Looks like I'll have to be a little bit late. I just hope to all the gods that I don't miss Chad's excellent violin skills. Anyhow, I suppose I had start heading out to what promises to be a boring ass chemestry class because we're analyzing lake samples. Water samples and sediment samples...oh what fun! I just hope I don't end up sitting bored to tears for half the class.'s thursday yalls, after's the weekend!!!!

The Phoenix
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