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Hello readers,

My performance went rather well despite some technical difficulties we were havingbefore I started singing and a speaker that wouldn't shut up. My parents showed up to video tape the performance, so if nothing else, I'll have that...I just hope that I did as well as I think I did. I enjoyed being out there, though I did get a bit nervous at the beginning. I tried to pretend like it was just another rehearsal and I think that helped a little bit. I'm hoping to be able to do soe more of this kind of stuff becaus I really do enjoy it very much. I ended up doing the set in the following order
Love of My Life
Sounds of Silenc
Big Yellow Taxi
With a few anouncements in between the songs to tell why we wee there and to thank the people in the audience who were supporting me for being there. Now to wait for the recording...and wait. He said it might be a week, so we'll see. If nothing else, I'll have dad put the vido on CD and I can just upload that. Jeff was extremely pleased with the way it went off, and the other singer, Andrew Eddie even came up to me and gave me a hug and told me I did really well. I got several comments on how wlell I did so that pleased me too.

Now it's off to do something else...

The Phoenix
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