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a little better...

I went to talk to a counsellor about the situation that happened last night and he said that I had every right to ask the questions I did, which made me feel better. He also gave me several choices, one of which was to talk to my RA about what happened since this is something he doesn't have to act on. Since my RA is someone I trust, I may just do that. At least it'll make me feel a little better knowing that someone in Administration knows what's going on even if they can't do anything about it. I'm still a little freaked out by all of this and if this comes up again I am going to tell them to go elsewhere, but at the moment I'm just going to stay clear of most of them and see whether I can' just get through the rest of the semester. Since all the girl did was tell me off and raise her voice at me, I don't think I'll have much of a problem. Though now I do keep things locked at all times even when I'm home. Dor won't be unlocked unless I know who it is that's standing outside of it and unless I am expecting them. I'm expecting Jeff in about ten minutes in order to run through one more time before we step onto the stage which will warm my voice up sufficiently to do the actual live performance. I am going to need to go now in order to be ready. Wish me luck all.

The Phoenix
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